GPIO Hammer Header Jigs for Sale

The pirates at Pimoroni have sourced the item we have been looking for ever since the PiZero has launched – a solderless header – – for a very reasonable £2.

So finally, everyone can get to use the very economic PiZero for any project for £6 + VAT +p&p (approx £8-50 total)


You really need a jig to safely insert the hammer header pins and you can’t buy this separately – it only comes in a £5 bundle.

(In fairness, the bundle does also contains a £2 female which is useful to some (but not many) so the price of the pirates jig in the bundle works out at £1)

Anyway – as you all know, I’m as cheap as chips so I’d like to offer an alternative – the SimpleSi PiZero Hammer Jig for a total cost of £1 (inc 2nd class post within the UK)

And in even better value, your purchase can be used afterwards as a working base for your PiZero.

And if you want to use the base as a case, for an extra £1 – I’ll provide a covering lid with your name embossed into it!

If these prices seem far far too much for you, then please feel free to download the 3D print files and make them yourself 🙂


PS Available in any colour you want as long as its white.

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7 Responses

  1. kevin straughton says:

    Could i order one of these please buddy?

  2. Keith says:

    How do i order this please.

    • cymplecy says:

      send me your address via email to simplecy at googlemail dot com and I’ll post you a complete set as a promotional offer 🙂

      • Keith says:

        Hi cymplecy
        Did you get my address as requested .
        Not heard anything from you about pi header jig.
        Would really like one.

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