How to debug ScratchGPIO

Sometimes ScratchGPIO appears not to work.

99.999% of time this is due to a configuration issue with the Pi but sometimes I introduce an error that is only noticed by new users

Anyway to try and debug what is happening – please try these steps and find out where things are going wrong

  1. Reboot
  2. Launch LXTerminal
  3. cd /opt/scratchgpio8
  4. sudo python
    This runs my program manually – you should see something likes this on the screen2015-04-09 15.55.31
  5. If so – minimise the windows and launch NORMAL SCRATCH  (not ScratchGPIO)
  6. Then File – Open and find rsc and open it
  7. You should get a message about Remote Sensor Connections – click OK
  8. Check back in your Terminal window and see if it has changed to something like2015-04-09 15.59.04
  9. Scroll up and down the terminal window and see if any errors leap out at you apart from the connecting to Scratch ones