PyonKee on IPad controlling BYOB on PC /MAC/Pi/Linux computer

..and vice versa.

How to setup


Hold down 2nd last block in sensing section and then select Remote Sensor Connections.

(This can be tricky to do with big fingers!)

Save the file as rsc so that you don’t have do this again 🙂

Find out IP Address of IPad from the i button in Settings – > WiFi and note it down

PC/Max/Linux inc Pi

Install BYOB if not already done

Click on edit

Select Join Mesh

Type in IP address of the IPad

You can now receive any broadcast on either device on the other on (although you have to type in name on both machines) and any variables created on one will appear auto-magically as sensor values on the other one.

Using with Scratch

Scratch also does Mesh but hides it away

Follow here to enable it


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