SKYQ LIRC config file

I’m playing around a lot with LIRC on the Pi and as part of that I’ve produced a fully working SKYQ /etc/lirc/lircd.conf file.

It turns out that SKYQ boxes are using RC6-6-28 with no toggle bits

RC-6-28 starts off the same as any other RC6 code sequence – its just got more bits on the end



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3 Responses

  1. Kent says:


    Is this file still working for you? All buttons are working for me, except the Home and Back buttons. I tried recording both buttons from my remote and replace the codes, but they still have no effect.


    • cymplecy says:

      Yes – just checked and that’s exactly the codes I’m using – its used everyday to control SkyQ remotely from bedroom using a PiZero with IR LED

      Can you paste your recorded codes here just to examine them as I’ve editied all my recorded codes for consistency but maybe my values of 444 and 888 need raising or lowering a bit to make them compatible with your system

      • Kent says:

        Apologies for wasting your time. It turned out to be spelling errors in my script. Your file works just great! Thanks for sharing it.


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