Bath Boat Challenge 2021/22

Bath Boat Challenge 2021/22

What is it?

It is a fun challenge to make a floating craft travel down a bath (or up if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) and turn around and return to starting position without touching the bath itself, at any time.

Your craft needs to accomplish this by an on-board propulsion system and sensors.

These need to be controlled by an autonomous controller – either an on-board microcontroller or Pi type computer or an external computer sending commands to an onboard receiver.

The craft MUST NOT be simply remote controlled by a person.

This is a physical computing, construction and coding challenge.

The challenge starts on the 1st October 2021 but doesn’t end until 28th February 2022 so everyone has plenty of time to enter.


(Draft – these may change and be added to)

Place craft 1m away from one end of a bath with the propulsion system not running.

Reset a stopwatch.

Start your program and time how long it takes to go down the bath, turn around and then get back to it’s starting position.


(Draft – these may change and WILL be added to)

  1. The craft must get to within 20cm of far end of the bath before turning around.