NOTE: Servos are easily burnt out by sending them bad values – do not use this software unless your are a tinkerer – you have been warned (I’ve lost one myself!)

Preliminary support in ScratchGPIO6 Alpha  for the meArm

2 methods of operation

Using Inverse Kinematics Library where the gripper meets when closed is the point that is controlled then do:

Create 4 variables

meHorizontal (-50 to 50)

meVertical (0 to 100)

meDistance (70 to 150)

meGripper (Open/Close)

However, if you want to direct control the servos then do the following

Create 4 Variables

AdaServo0 (-90 to 90)

AdaServo1 (70 to 0)

AdaServo2 (20 to 70)

AdaServo3 (0 to 30)