Pi2Go Mk2

The Pi2Go Mk2 is the latest version of the Pi2Go range of robotic vehicles from 4Tronix.

It has 2 IR line followers, 2 IR obstacle detectors, 4 visible-light sensors (useful for torch following/avoidance tasks), an ultrasonic sensor and a slot on the side for an IP address display, a programmable switch and a set of 10 Neopixels to brighten up any project.

If you are new to using ScratchGPIO with robots – have a read of this first

Here is a list of all the variable and sensor names that can be used with it

AS well as these, it will also respond to the standard Neopixel broadcast messages – see here for details

The robot also comes with wheel encoders that can count the number of times the wheels turn but these are not yet supported by ScratchGPIO