pibrella-boardThe Pibrella from Cyntech is a great add-on board for the Raspberry Pi which consists of 3 large LEDs (Red/Amber/Green), 4 digital inputs (A-D), 4 buffered outputs (E-F) with white LEDs to indicate their state, large switch and a Piezo speaker.

PiBrellaDocs1To use it, launch ScratchGPIO Plus and create a variable called AddOn and set its value to Pibrella in your On Green Flag event.


You can then use the usual AllOn/Off broadcasts and well as individual broadcasts for Red/Amber/Green/OutputE/OutputF/OutputG and OutputH


Also there is a special broadcast BeepXX where XX is the equivalent Scratch note value (60 being Middle C) The sound quality from a piezo is not the same as a large speaker so don’t expect to be able to compose a top ten hit 🙂

BeepXX,YY is also available where YY is note duration


The 4 inputs are recognised as sensor values InputA to D.  These give “off” normally and “on” when activated.  The switch is called “switch” and gives off and on.


To control the brightness of the LEDs use PowerRed/PowerAmber/PowerGreen




PiBrellaDocs2To control the power settings of the outputs, use PowerOutE to H.You can connect up a low-cost 5pin stepper and connect it to the outputs (Red to any left hand one, the other 4 to the 4 right hand ones) and use a variable called Stepper to make it turn.

TOPTIP – set a variable called Bright from 1 to 100 and your can control the brightness of the VERY bright LEDs 🙂