SkyQ Problems

I just had SkyQ installed today and I though I’d give others a heads up as it is basically totally incompatibile with my existing AV distributions system around the house !

So I had 2 SKY+ boxes on Multiroom with RF co-ax feeds to TVs in extra rooms and 2 video senders to reach rooms without co-ax.

Because SkyQ has NO analogue outputs – just 1 HDMI/box – this whole system is now kaput!

So I’ve got great facilities in main living room with all new features of SkyQ (all my extra Sky+ remotes are NBG as well  BTW as new one is Bluetooth) and all the features in play room as that has wireless MiniQ box but no SkyTV anywhere else in the house!

Going to need at least 1 more Mini Q box and quite a bit of HDMI cable/ or HDMI video senders installing!

Just rang up Sky to find out its £99 for another mini box and £60 for an engineer to come round to install it!!!!


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  1. Dave Perry says:

    I totally agree. We had SkyQ installed less than 2 weeks ago and we have had 3 visits since from the Sky engineers. Apparently it is not compatible with BT broadband and it is being taken and Sky HD is being re-installed next week. We had the main box in the lounge and 3 other minis in separate rooms and they kept losing the signal as the BT wifi kept interfering with the signal. Sky no about the problem but as yet do not have a fix and are hoping on Sky power line will do the trick. This is where the signal is sent down the sockets in the rooms instead of using WIFI. We said we will look at SkyQ again in the future when they have ironed out the issues.

  2. Brian Ranalow says:

    We have had the same problem . We had SKYQ installed a week ago to replace two SKY+ boxes. It has been very unsatisfactory – the signal to the mini keeps breaking down even though it is not too far from the SKYQ box. I get the impression that they have not really sorted out the problem and I don’t want to spend my life rebooting and rebooting. While SKYQ has some nice features, I don’t like the way it gives you Top Picks every time on startup and ITV is not available on the mini. Today I decided to go back to the two SKY+ boxes and the SKY people were very understanding and helpful.

    • cymplecy says:

      Lucky you – I gave it too long before asking them to swap back and they said I was out of probation period 🙁

      My current main problems are

      1. Locking up – requires main box to be power cycled followed by mini 10 miniutes later

      2. SkyQ on Ipad quite problematical (one of the main reasons I went for SkyQ!)

      3. Can’t watch SkQ on my Note 3 large android home as they don’t “support” < 7in displays The fact that Sky GO works fine on my phone makes a mockery of that statement 🙁 4. THE BL(*&Y Bluetooth remote - the most diabolical remote controller on the planet - the plain IR ones are fine 5. Only 1 HDMI output on main box is a laugh 6. The fact that the Mini box HAS an AV output just makes 5 even more laughable 🙁 7. I used to have Sky throughout the house using plain co-ax (fine for bedrooms/kitchen) I'ce had to install lots of expensive HDMI cables and had to buy seperate IR extenders to allow control 8. Due to rip-off cost of remotes, I've come up with method of using a PiZero to convert old SkyHD remotes to control the SKyQ boxes And the galling thing was the advertising which said yoo could pause TV in one room and then just simply go into another room/use Ipad to un-pause and carry on watching. When I first tried this I couldn't see anyway of doing it. Eventually via Google I disconvered that you had in fact to press record to start recording the program (and decide on series link of course) and then press pause. THAT WAS A MASSIVE LIE BY SKY 🙁 They don't run those adverts anymore And don't get me started on the arguments over who has used up all four recording slots - with SkyHD mutilroom my wife's BB/IACGMOOH wouldn't have clashed with daughers KUWTK on other box 🙂 etc etc etc [/rant] PS ITV works on the mini at my house so goodness knows how they manged to muck that up for you PPS I've disbleed WiFi and run an ethernet cable from main box to mini - lots of wires going thru windows at moment until I get time to drill holes thro the hosue walls 🙁

  3. peter says:

    had my skyQ 2 days going back to my old boxes picture is crap every time i try to switch it on have to pull the mains lead out and install it again.phoned them no probleme will install my old boxes back for me sky Q no no no no crap

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