Agobo from 4Tronix

The Agobo is a great little robot from 4Tronix.  It is a 2 motor model with twin IR line followers, Ultrasonic distance measurement and two front LEDs.

What sets it apart is that it is designed to be used with the Raspberry Pi A+ and is therefore a very compact design.

And it all powered from an included 5V USB Battery.

And it doesn’t stop there – it has the Pi serial pins brought out (so it can be programmed using a serial lead adaptor if no WiFi dongle fitted) and the usual 6 pin I2C 4Tronix connector for things such as the PiDisp IP address display add-on


AgoboDocsAnd then we have the best feature – all 40 of the Pi GPIO pins are repeated and with a little bit of soldering, you can add the PiPlate prototype board (with a built in NeoPixel) to add on any circuity that youd want to – even LASER guided missile hardware if you’ve got some lying around 🙂  More likely to be extra proximity or Ultrasonic Sensors was all round sensing or extra LEDS 🙂

(I want to add a keypad to mine)