Simple Simon Soldering Service

The PiZero/PiZeroW/Pico are nice low-priced devices but new users just need a helping hand to get started setting one up.

You purchase a PiZero/Pico and post it to me (or have it delivered direct to me if you’ve not already bought it)

  • I’ll solder on a connector for the GPIO pins so you can plug in standard Pi Add-on boards or stick the Pico into a breadboard
    (Any type of header can be specified – standard, socket instead of pins, right angle, extended header etc
  • Additional extras:  Simple 3D printed case for £1

If you want to supply your own GPIO pins – then its just £1 to solder it up otherwise it’s £2

Return postage/packaging options are entirely your choice at cost + 20p shoe leather 🙂

If interested then tweet me @cymplecy or email

Testimonials available on demand 🙂