Installing and running ScratchCrumble

This software is currently in the early stages of development and only works with Windows computers (And certainly not ready for classroom use) but I’d encourage anyone to try it out and provide feedback on how it is to install and use and please suggest any improvemnts/ features that you’d like to see.

This bit will change in the future to make it a much less geeky but for the moment …

Inital setup

  • First of all make sure you have Scratch 1.4 installed onto your computer.
  • Download ScratchCrumble and remember where it downloads to


  • Plug in your Crumble.
  • Run Scratch and then select the sensing blocks.
  • Right-click on the last sensor block at the bottom and select Enable Remote Sensor Connections. A little box should pop up saying that Remote Sensor Connections is enabled.
  • Find where you downloaded ScratchCrumble and run it. A black window should open up with some messages – one of which should say its connected to Scratch.
  • Just minimise this window (not close it) and you are now ready to use Scratch to interface to the Crumble

The full set of command instructions can be found here