SimPie by Cyntech

SimPiDocsThis  is a colourful, ready built  easy to use GPIO interface from Cyntech

It has 3 switches, a mufti-coloured RGB LED and a built-in buzzer

To use it just set the AddOn variable to SimPie and then you have easy methods of accessing it

Broadcasts available
Red,Green and Blue [On/Off/High/Low] e.g broadcast RedOnwill make the LED light up Red

[All] [On/Off/High/Low] e.g broadcast AllOn will make all LEDs and the buzzer come on.

[Buzzer] ]On/Off/High/Low] e.g broadcast BuzzerOn

You can use variables instead e.g Set Blue On will make the LED turn Blue

A;sp you can use set PowerRed/Green/Blue to 0..100 to vary the brightness of the colour

There are three switches and theya acccessed as sensor values red,amber and green.  On if pressed, off if not pressed