Gordon’s Ladderboard

This cheap and useful educational board (link) is an ideal introduction to getting kids to turns things on and off and saves having to wire up a breadboard to get going. It does need someone to solder it together and if you don’t have that skill or tools – jsut give a shout out at a RaspberryJam and I’m sure someone will help you out 🙂

LadderAdOnIf you’ve got one of these then just create a variable called AddOn and set it to Ladder as the first line in your Green Flag event. This tells the system that your using one and then you can use broadcasts such as:

ld2This script will simply turn all the LEDs out and then just switch on every other one.

ld3To vary the brightness of a LED, you can use a Power variable like this example:

The state of the switches can be accessed through the sensing blocks.ld4 Scroll down to the bottom and click on the arrow next to slider and you should see switch1 – 4 (they will only appear after you have run a Green Flag event as above)