Quick Start to S3GPIO for experienced ScratchGPIO users

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Broadcast commands

has been replaced by

There is a multiple command block so instead of having to do

you can simply say

Note all pins are set as outputs so if you want a pin to be an input use


Scratch 3 doesn’t signal any changes to variables that can be intercepted automatically

So you have to explicty send updates for things like motors

Instead of

What I’d recommend is still having a variable called Motor11 and using it like this

Sensor Inputs

Scratch 3 does’t have sensor variables like Scratch 1.4, so you approach like this:
Assuming you like to read status of Pin 7 – make sure you’ve configured it as an input

so then you can read its value

This will set a variable called sensor to the current value of Pin 7
So to use normally, you would do something like

or create a variable called Pin7 and do this

Note: If you simply wish to directly read a sensor value, without having to place it into the sensor variable, then you can do so by directly using the translate reporter block like this

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timer used as pseudo-randomiser to prevent Scratch caching requests