Installing S3GPIO

With Raspberry Pi connected to Internet

Copy the text below ( left click just before the w of wget and drag right until all the text in the line as been selected) then right-click and select copy. Open up an LX Terminal window and select Edit and the Paste that into an LX Terminal window and press Enter it to download the installer.

wget -O

Once the installer has been downloaded then just type (or copy and paste the text below as before)

sudo bash

and press Enter

You should see an extra icon appear on your desktop (along with original ScratchGPIO ones)

Reboot your Raspberry Pi

Running S3GPIO

Double click on the S3GPIO icon – not the one labelled S3GPIO Desktop – launch it.

(The desktop shortcut actually launches 3 programs – the webserver, ScratchGPIO and the Chromium browser with the S3GPIO extension

Please be patient as it has to goto the Scratch 3 website and offer you a project to load in

Once it’s there, click on the see inside button

Using S3GPIO commands in Scratch 3

If you have used ScratchGPIO before and are familiar with it – jump to this Quick Start Guide

If you are completely new to ScratchGPIO/S3GPIO click on this link

Contact Simon if any issues