Scratch controlling Minecraft


If you have another computer that can run Scratch 1.4 that is networked with a Raspberry Pi , then you can use it to interact with the Minecraft  world on the Pi.

You’l need to find out the IP address of your other computer – for this exercise I’ll assume its so you’ll need to substitute your real address

To do this, run ScratchGPIO on your Pi and add On Green Flag – broadcast Connect10.11.12.13

This hands over ScratchGPIO control to your main computer

So run up Scratch 1.4 on your main computer and enable Remote Sensor Connections (RSC) by right-clicking on the last Sensor block and enabling it.

Go back onto your Pi, and launch Minecraft and create a new world.

minecrafttestTo connect to this world from Scratch on your other computer, add On Green Flag – broadcast MinecraftStart

You should see a message come up to say ScratchGPIO is connected.

You should create 3 variables – MineX MineY and MineZ .

You can then set these variables to different values and do a Broadcast MinecraftMove to update player position

Or the same variables can be used to set a block position and set it or clear it or get the value of the block