ScratchCodeBug on Windows

This software is classed as Beta – e.g Some things work but might have some bugs – not for use in classrooms just yet

Before trying out ScratchCodeBug please make sure your CodeBug works fine with the official on-line Blocky-based system first.


Current known issues

Scroll up doesn’t work properly

Installing on Windows Computers (Win7 upwards)

There are 2 parts to installing the necessary software:

  1. Download the firmware software that runs  on the CodeBug.  Install the firmware as you would any other .cbg file by removing USB lead from your CodeBugHold down the A button and insert the lead without letting go of the A Button until you get a flashing red light then let go the button.Copy the downloaded codebug_tether.cbg file to the codebug drive in my computer.Once it has been copied – press and release the B Button.  This procedure only needs repeating if you replace the .cbg file on the CodeBug with a main website project
  2. Download ScratchCodeBug.exe


Run your downloaded ScratchCodeBug.exe you should see some text appearing and eventually – ignore any warnings.

Open up Scratch 1.4 (not Scratch 2) and open up ScratchCodeBugDocs from Scratch Projects sub-folder and click on enable Remote Sensor Connections.

Look back at the ScratchCodeBug.exe window and your should see Heartbeat messages every few secs.

You should now be connected to the CodeBug.

Syntax is here

Report issues/suggestions on twitter or by email to simplecy at googlemail dot com 🙂