Monkmakes Puppet

Currently requires that you be using the development version of ScratchGPIO

box_opened-web-1 Long before Pi time began, Dr Simon Monk was busy making all sorts of stuff using Arduinos and his latest creation is the MonkMakes Puppet

This is a kit that you build yourself and add in a Raspberry Pi and you’ve got yourself a computer controlled Puppet machine

And of course it cries out for being controlled by ScratchGPIO.

I do suggest that anyone embarking on this follows all the instructions included in the kit and tests and sets it up using the Python programs supplied before moving onto Scratch

The commands are very simple – the idea behind the Puppet is what is it that YOU can make it do

puppet All the variables you need are shown here on the left.

Simply create an AddOn variable and set it to Puppet and then create the LeftArm, RightArm, LeftLeg, and RightLeg variables and you should be good to start making your own sequences up.  Note the movement variables go between -90 for fully down to 90 for fully up (This may change depending upon feedback from Scratchers)


Note: The PIR is not supported just ye