The PlayHAT from 4Tronix is a great educational board developed from their very successful PiDie

It comes with 4 coloured buttons, a buzzer and a set of 9 RGB LEDs.

To use it in ScratchGPIO (V8 or later required) – set a variable called AddOn to PlayHAT

You will then see 4 sensors for the buttons appear in the sensor list.

To  control the buzzer use broadcast Buzzer On or Buzzer Off

The NeoPixel LEDs do require that the Pimoroni UnicornHAT software is installed (as their libraries are the ones ScratchGPIO uses to control any NeoPixel addons)

The LEDs can then be controlled using standard ScratchGPIO NeoPixel commands

e.g broadcast colour red

broadcast Pixels On


broadcast Pixel 5 Blue