How to use PiZero USB Networking with ScratchGPIO

Windows Only instructions but I’m sure someone will adapt for MAC/Linux

Once you up and running with PiZero USB networking – what do you do with it?

Obviously, I recommend running ScratchGPIO and flashing some LEDS 🙂

Note:  If using 169.254. manual IP method – you’ll need to upgrade to ICS method in order to install ScratchGPIO onto the PiZero

Then logon using and install ScratchGPIO as normal

Use Putty and connect and login to your PiZero

cd /opt/scratchgpio7

sudo python  (if using ICS)


sudo python (the IP address of your PC)

This will run the handler program on your PiZero and get it to look down your USB cable to find a running Scratch program on your PC

Launch Scratch (1.4 not 2.0) on your PC and right-click last block in Sensing and enable Remote Sensor Connections (RSC)

(You can check back on your putty window to see that its all connected if you like)

You can now use all ScratchGPIO commands on your PC computer as if you were directly using a Pi 🙂


As the saying goes – I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to run ScratchGPIO handler on start-up on your PiZero so no need to do anything other than plug it in and run Scratch on your PC 🙂


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