Crumble Tip No 1:Improve Croc Clip Leads for Classroom use

Connecting Crumbles to Sparkles and other Crumbs using croc-clip leads is one of the great features of the Crumble and here are a couple of tips to make things easier in the classroom.

Prevent croc-clip covers slipping off

The covers tend to slip off the croc-clips and then you can end up with the exposed clips touching each other (to be avoided – particularly with battery leads).

The simplest solution I’ve come up with is to get some Loctite SuperGlue Gel (it must be Gel not ordinary glue) and push the covers over the croc-lips as far as you can and then apply enough gel to just fill around cover where the wire goes into it.  Repeat for other end.

Another method is to use a dab of glue from a hot glue gun 🙂

Shorten the leads so that they don’t get tangled

I’ve tried various methods (not involving cutting the wires) and these are the best two I’ve come up with2015-09-06 11.00.30
I prefer the black lead method as the rubber band on the red lead will eventually fail and need replacing.


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3 Responses

  1. Kathy Olsson says:

    Thanks for the Loctite tip! Very useful

  2. Sean says:

    We have been having troubles with this In all of our classes. Thank you.

  3. Chris Dorna says:

    Thanks for this tip!

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