MkII Full-sized USB Socket for PiZero

Having played around with this sort of effort to fit a WiFi dongle inside the dimensions of a PiZero,
 I came up with idea of getting a USB socket like this and sticking it to a PiZero .This means its possible to revert back to the microUSB socket if needed.  This works but I’ve been looking for something easier to do.


I had a eureka moment when I realised that the silver bit below the PP22 writing was a GND bonding for the PIZero own microUSB socket on the other side and if I could tin it with some solder then I could solder up GND D- and D+ of the USB socket without any wires, just leaving the +5V one to be done.

I haven’t decided on the best method of sticking the USB socket to the PiZero but both methods of No-More-Nails (Red) tape and Hot Glue Gun glue have worked.

In either case, I would make sure you are firmly gripping the socket when pushing/pulling a USB dongle in or out but in my own case – once I’ve put a dongle in – its 99% certain that its staying in for the lifetime of the PiZero

As usual, if your not up to a bit of soldering, The SimpleSi Soldering Services is available at my normal VERY reasonable rates – £1 + cost of the bits and p&p 🙂


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