PiZero to Windows 10 USB Networking


Walkthru of getting networking between PC using PiZero via USB

Follow the instructions over on Andrew Mulholland’s blog article on how to get your PiZero networking over USB.

There are (at least) 2 ways of setting up the network connections between your PiZero and your Windows 10 PC

Method 1

If you don’t need direct internet access on your Pi (and lots of time you won’t need this) then all that needs doing is add this to the end of cmdline.txt

(cmdline.txt is in the part of the SD card that you can see when you put the card into a Windows machine )

Simply add


to the end of the line in cmdline.txt before putting the card into your PiZero.

Your PC should attempt to install a USB networking driver but I found on my system I had to jump thru a hoop before I could use it

Follow these instructions but ignore bit about the IP address

You should now be able to connect to your Pi using SSH (download Putty and use that)

Simply type in into the connection box and press Connect

Click yes on the box that comes up and then your should have a login screen for your Pi (user=pi, password=raspberry)

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