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HOT NEWS UPDATE VIA Andrew Mullholland (@GBAMAN1)

It seems that you CAN talk to a Raspberry Pi over a LAN cable plugged into your laptop by simply installing the Apple Bonjour service!!!!! (Mac have this by default so nothing to install there!)

Who knew?????

I’ll have to find a plain Windows machine without it in to document installing it but if certainly gets installed if you install Apple ITunes.

So assuming you’ve got Bonjour installed on your laptop – just plug ether cable between it and Pi – add in USB and power up your Pi.

If your Pi SD image is brand new, then things are still a little geeky at this point , as you’ll need to use an SSH program to initially talk to your Pi and do normal sudo raspi-config stuff and install a VNC server to get access to full Desktop.

But wow!!!!

Am I the only person who DIDN’T know this???? 🙂



OLD Article for historic reasons

One of those things that I’m often accused of by Raspberry Pi of being the only person in the world who wants it , is to have every Pi fallback to a static IP of


Because anyone with a laptop computer could just plug their Pi (straight out of the box) into the laptop LAN port – hookup a USB cable to provide power and be up and running in the the time it takes the Pi to boot.

They would be able to remotely control the Pi screen as if they had plugged in a keyboard/mouse/screen.

Now maybe its just me who wants to bring the benefits of the Pi into mainstream education where we don’t have loads of HDMI monitors and spare keyboards and mice.

But, if you ran a charity who’s r rasion-d’etre was education, education, education – I’m sure you’d think this was worth a SLIGHT bit of effort – don’t you?


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  1. This is the same with the Arduino.local for the Arduino Yún, it’s all done using a protocol called “ZeroConfig” or mDNS.

    Ironically I learnt about that via a Raspberry Pi magazine 🙂

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