Request for improvements to Raspberry Pi Foundation

  1. Be MUCH more open
    As of 12Apr 2014 – no sign of any improvement
  2. Give practical help to schools to use the Pi
    As of 12pr 2014 – no sign of any practical engineering help
  3. Advertise jobs -stop just giving them out
    A job within the Education team was recently advertised in April 2014 nationally so looks like this point has been addressed 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. Kevin Hainsworth says:

    Simon, I sense your frustration with the Foundation. To put it politely I was slightly peeved when RPi.gpio failed to work out of the box on Pi2 and I’m just an end-user, goodness knows how angry this will have made developers like yourself. That said there are many of us noobs who’ve been grabbing onto your coat tails on this journey who now feel as bereft with your decision as you do with that of the Foundation. Please take some time out, cool off and see if in your heart of hearts there’s any way you can carry on from where you have left off. Please continue to be a thorn in the side of the Foundation, they miight even thank you for it one day (yeah). It’s inevitable that the more mainstream the RPi becomes the more PC (politically correct) the Foundation will be and the more Foundation v Family conflicts there will be. Don’t forget the little people.

    • cymplecy says:

      I’m just trying my best to get a mindset change by people who seem to think that they have no need to discuss and liaise with developer community that supports them, their lack of direct effort in overcoming the obstacles in getting Pi in to schools in the UK and getting them to accept constructive criticism, amend their secrecy culture and not think that they have all the solutions. They use the charity moniker but act, at times, as if they were Apple Inc

      To clarify my current position – I’m on a sort of work to rule – I’m fully supporting all previous models and still adding support in for new boards but I’m not going to spend time testing to see if it works on the 2B until something positive happens.


  2. John Stelmack says:

    Any effort in the Scratch community for Scratch on Beaglebone Black? An open cource viable alternative.

    • cymplecy says:

      I’ve no experience of the BBB myself but if it can run Linux then it’ll be able to run Scratch 🙂

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