Scratch GPIO future direction

Having played around with getting Scratch talking to the GPIO and thinking about making a Scratch mod (Razz) to have special blocks to switch pins off and on, I’m settling on just using simple broadcast messages (with the option of using variables as well) and making the default setup have 6 outputs and 2 inputs.

With the 6/2 combo people can flash a few leds and have a couple of switches or digital (easily make a full pedestrian crossing red/amber/green main lights red/green/white wait lights and a switch to cross.

I’m going to reserve build Razz for when I get my Aflex 2[url][/url] that I’m going to use as a prototype PriBoard

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3 Responses

  1. Arley Bushill says:

    I agree with 6 outputs / 2 inputs being more practical and think that the variables route is the best way to go. This way writing programs and the concept of computer sequencing can be easier to understand for youngsters. After all, the basis of computers is manipulating one bit at a time (very quickly !)
    Also I would like to congratulate you on a really worthwhile RPi project

  2. Have been looking to get started with the Pi for ages…after reading your blog I am fired up

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