Week 6 in ScratchPiBot Club

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Week 6
We finally did it- 2 ‘bots running across the floor at the same time 🙂  I setup one of the line-follower IR sensors on a standalone Pi and 2 club members went and printed off a zebra crossing pattern on a piece of paper and played with passing it in front on the sensor and showing how it reacted to light and dark stripes.

I’ve knocked up a ‘bot simulator to show the club members the basic concepts behind line following


Other Roboteers were amended the Scratch code to alter the amount of steering left/right increased/decreased the value sent to the motors so that they could control it better manually.

We then had each team member run a race across the room and the boys narrowly won 3-2.

The next club is in 2 weeks and I WILL get the line followe sensorts fitted.  We plan on painting a black line down some white wallpaper and using it as a track.

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4 Responses

  1. David Ferguson says:

    I am curious to know if the bot simulator would work to actually control the motors (I see the “Motor A” & “Motor B” variables included).

  2. cymplecy says:

    If you were running the Scratch GPIO setup on an RPI then if you attached 2 motors via buffers to pins 11 and 12 then yes, they would turn but this is a simulator so I’m not sure why you’d do it????


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