Autostart ScratchGPIO project

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  1. @jarjargeek says:

    Don’t know what or if I am doing anything wrong – but can NOT get sGPIO6 to run with the RTK-003 board – also tried the ‘broadcast’ method for Pyonkee – but NoGo with sGPIO6 ; tested on both B and B+

    Used these comands to install GPIO6:

    wget -O

    sudo bash


  2. bob says:

    really useful tidbit – THANKS!

  3. andy says:

    I cant get it to work. Scratch does not open after booting …

    • cymplecy says:

      can you try this

      in LX terminal
      ls .config/autostart

      Do you get a list of files?

      If so can try this
      cp /home/pi/Desktop/Scratch.desktop .config/autostart

      sudo reboot

      Does normal Scratch autostart?


  4. Darren Townsend says:

    Hi Simon. Nice to ‘speak’ to you again, hope you are well. I have just been following your Autostart method and, although I love all the work you’re doing, I reckon you owe me some hair to replace what I’ve been pulling out!!!

    There is, I’m afraid, a typo in your instructions! The line –

    then save the modified desktop shortcut as:


    should be –


    I can only assume that you were burning the midnight oil (as usual) when typing this. Hope this helps anyone else who is stuck with this.

    Right, now I can take my son’s project into school for him – he has an interview for Digital Leader at 10.15!

    But, seriously, thanks again for all your hard work and just to let you know that you have inspired me to consider starting an after-school computing/robotics club at my son’s primary school (where they’ve only just got their first Pi!), even though I’m not a teacher and am still working it all out myself!

    • cymplecy says:

      hey – I said I can code – didn’t say I could write 🙂
      Thanks for the edit 🙂
      Should be OK for next person
      I should make a script to automate it really but time doesn’t allow 🙁


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