Gleelights: An extension of the great Cheerlights project

As anyone who knows me will testify – I’m a great fan/user of the Cheerlights project and my house is full or neopixels that are controlled by the Cheerlights API feeds.

But lots of people would like something that accepts more colours and responds to sequence requests such as “rainbow”

So I decided to try putting together an MQTT feed using Node-RED, that could be used in very similar way to Cheerlights.

I’ve registered the twitter handle @gleelights and written a Node-RED flow that listens out for tweets with the word gleelights in them (using #gleelights or @gleelights is preferred option)

I then parse these tweets, looking for valid colours (this is the list I use – minus black and off) and the word rainbow and publish them to topics gleelights/colour and gleelights/hex on the MQTT broker.

There is a minimum of a 5 second gap between each colour being published

And, to maintain backwards compatibility with Cheerlights, I merge in any official colours that are sent out via the Cheerlights API feed

Please give it a try out and let me know if it doesn’t seem to do what I say it does or any other features you’d like to see added to it

Contact me preferably via @cymplecy on twitter

But remember, Cheerlights is THE one true colour scheme to rule us all 🙂

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  1. Jeff Mizener says:

    Only going to show that great minds think alike. I’m glad I suggested that this would be a good thing because all those who had thought about it before me could spring into action!

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