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Continous Servo DIY Robot

As part of my ever-lasting quest for cheap robotics, I’m trying out using continuous servos as the motors. These are simply standard servos mechanisms where the internal position feed back has been disabled (and...


Using Scratch 3 in Primary Classroom

I normally teach Scratch using 1.4 in class but decided to give Scratch 3 a try-out in January/February with Year 4 (previous class experience – one half-term when they were in Year 3) Summary...


DHT11 Added to ScratchGPIO

You can now use a DHT11 Temperature/Humidity sensor with ScratchGPIO. To get readings simple use an example script like this to ask for readings once per second from a sensor connected to pin10.  


AniBots for Primary

I am a very strong proponent that physical computing is a great way to carry on enthusiasm for programming after primary children have out-grown animating sprites on a computer screen. Or, in fact, getting back...