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Tracking robot position within an area

  For a couple of years, I’ve been thinking/wanting to have a system for determining the position of  a robot within a marked area.   I’ve not found an economical/easy way of doing this...


GPIO Hammer Header Jigs

The pirates at Pimoroni have sourced the item we have been looking for ever since the PiZero has launched – a solderless header – – for a very reasonable £2. I NO LONGER...


ScratchGPIO Map Pin

Simply broadcast Map Pin x, name to rename a sensor pinx to name Map Pin to name now in ScratchGPIO7 — Simon Walters (@cymplecy) November 21, 2016


Scratch2Pi (part 2)

Previous blurb here So having got technoboy10 twitter extension.js file up and running – I went about playing with it to alter it to  try and make it talk to a python program running on...



With Raspberry Pi now supplying a browser capable of using Scratch 2, I thought I’d see if it was possible to get use Scratch 2 in a browser to control the GPIO pins on...


Robot Violence for Entertainment/STEM

As you may have noticed, I’ve posted a few tweets against programming/building robots whose primary purpose is to inflict violence on other robots. So I’d like to explain (in >140 chars) why I’m so...