PiZero to be given away?

As long time readers know, the PiZero being sold in low quantities at a very low price with no potential for a decent profit by anyone is an enigma wrapped in a sow’s ear.

The latest theory/rumour is that the giving away in the MagPi is just a prelude to it be given away to school children as a much more versatile alternative to the microbit (and to a lesser extent- the Codebug and Crumble)

It goes a long way to explain the low numbers being made available as the geekverse are just being used as beta testers to get all the bugs ironed out and get the new features such as USB OTG implemented.

It also helps out add-on board UK manufacturing companies who were given advance notice and were able to announce products on launch day.  Didn’t of course help the other 99% 🙁

Now as Eben has been heard to say (and I trust him when he speaks publicly) that the Foundation won’t be making a loss on the PiZero, I believe that a BIG sponsor is lined up to pay for the rollout – your guess would be as GOOd as mine in this respect but its not going to be anyone that is backing the microbit.

I don’t have a date as to when this will be announced but at a minimum I’d expect every attendee at the Pi Party (to which I’m banned of course) to get one



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  1. It would be good to get them into schools – I’m working very hard to get the Pyonkee-Pi bridge working, which would allow them to be programmed via an iPad (and maybe even code downloaded to them too?).
    I’ll be awaiting eagerly any news from the foundation (I might be waiting a while…)

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