SZero Direction

SiTrafficI had a an idea while in the shower and I’ve had to get out and write in down before it disappears !

It may end up being a daft idea but lets see what happens.

Original idea was to use convert ScratchGPIO to NuScratch gpio syntax but also include all the extra add-on boards and devices that ScratchGPIO supports and that NuScratch currently doesn’t.

But how about instead we just get SZero to piggy-back on NuScratch gpioserver?

What is he rattling on about?

So, everyone just launches NuScratch and sets gpioserver to on.

At this point NuScratch is configured to control GPIO pins but has no way of dealing with lets say a simple Traffic Light add on board with a Red/Amber/Green leds.  Lets call it SiTraffic.

So you just set AddOn to SiTraffic.  At this point, NuScratch won’t know what to do with this but …….. and here is the BIG idea ……

what if there was another desktop icon (one per add on) which launches a Python prog listening out for specific SiTraffic broadcasts and then controlling the appropriate pins!

Will it work

Well it does in my head at the moment – I’ll need to test it out and see if there are any practical difficulities.



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