A Tale of Two Pi

…I’m no longer a SimplePi man – I’m now MrT(au)



I didn’t intend having two so soon but last Friday (3rdAug) I was googling for something when I noticed a sponsored advert for a RaspberryPi from Farnell.  In curiosity (just shows their advertising engine is spot on BTW) I clicked on the link and a page came up saying 142 in stock and would I like one!!!

So I clicked yes and  2 hours later I got an email saying it had been dispatched at total cost to me of £24.55 + £4.91VAT – free P&P (Although 24.55 works out at $38 but lets not nit pick 🙂 )

Obviously, with free P&P it was sent out by camel and only arrived here this morning (5 real -3 working days later) but considering I waited 3 months for my 1st one to arrive – I’m not complaining 🙂

My only problem I’m going to have is when my wife finds out I’ve bought another one!

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