Quoted Statements from Raspberry Pi on medium term PiZero Production Plans

Quoted statements from Eben Upton about PiZero production from an article that will be published in The MagPi this Thursday

“I placed another 150,000 POs [production orders] – well, a pair of POs, a 50K and a 100K – in the last couple of days,”

“It’d be good to get to a point where we’re doing at least 50,000 a month for Zero. I think we could do 50,000 a month on Zero pretty comfortably.”

“This isn’t quite the same as the other Pis, because the other Pis are made by RS and Farnell. We make these Pis, so you’re actually looking at a small company trying to scale.”

“We’ve got good resources and good engineers, but you’re looking at a small company trying to scale production,”

“It’s not quite realistic to compare the [Pi Zero] throughput to the throughput of the big Pis, because the big Pis are being made by billion-dollar, billion-pound companies; the Zero’s being made by us.”

“If we can get it stable at 50,000 a month, then we can look at how we can scale up from that.”


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5 Responses

  1. Don't have to be a lawyer to not be stupid says:

    Er – this is ridiculous. Are you a special case or are you just a bit dim? You can’t just can’t copy and paste a story from a news outlet onto your site without gaining permission and / or crediting the source. There are laws against that!

    • cymplecy says:

      I’m a bit dim. Never quoted an article from another blog before so was completely unaware of laws/etiquitte. I’ve amended post to link to TheMagPi article.

  2. It’s an interesting development that Pi are making the zero themselves and explains why the quantities appear to be less. Although as Eben said in another interview, it is also because people are happily buying them up.

    • cymplecy says:

      To my mind, he is saying that they are going to ramp up production to 50,000/month levels but doesn’t give timescale for this. But not planning to go beyond this at moment.
      Things not mentioned is when restrictions on purchases will be lifted and when other retailers will be given oportunity to sell them – important questions for the Pi retailing community.

  3. Stewart Dunn says:

    Interesting that they are now starting their own production of the Zero. I suppose it will give them more control.

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