Raspberry Pi: A computer for $25

Raspberry_Pi_-_Model_AThe lie we let slide – shame on us 🙁

When the Pi was launched it was heralded as a computer for $25.

It wasn’t.

It was a motherboard that would cost you £21 to buy.

In practical terms the Model A was unusable as working motherboard and the practical model was the B which cost £29.

Now, a number of people pointed this out, but the majority of us let the misleading promotion slide as the Pi was a wonderful, low cost device and what did it matter if the Foundation were playing fast and loose with the truth.

They were an education charity and needed a lot of help to get started.

No-one took them to the ASA.

Having got away with this big one, IMHO, is  the reason that Raspberry Pi treats its stakeholders with disdain and contempt with issues like PiZero.

Its our own fault 🙁

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