Win a PiZero :)

CaptureI’m running a little competion for the best paragraph that could be used to replace/add to these.


Unfortunately, members of Raspberry Pi and their family (strike that of course – they are one and the same in a some cases) are not allowed to enter but since they don’t listen to me it shouldn’t be a problem.

Competition closes 6pm  24Feb16 Wed UK time.

Genuine #PiZero to the winner as chosen by me.

A good positive entry stands the same chance as a negative one – I’m a very fair person at heart.

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4 Responses

  1. * We won’t make Pi Zeros any faster as our mate Kev is making a fortune flogging them on Ebay
    * We like messing with your heads so won’t let you know what we are planning to do until after it’s likely to affect you.
    * We don’t like that the BBC are using a different product for their education programmes so we won’t let our children bring a Micro:bit into the house

  2. Thanks for picking me as the winner. I hope to put the Zero to use in a little robot, perhaps even using Scratch to drive the motors. I’d also like to remind the reader that my comments above are entirely satirical.

  3. Alexandre Schmitz says:

    Hello, sorry comment on this post, but I’m in a work college and take much control a stepper motor with the scratch, you can provide the design you posted on youtube? Thank you!

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